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Bottom button

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Leather cases for mods with bottom button like Caravela, Nemesis, Chi you and others.


We produce and sell premium handmade accessories made of natural leather for e-cigarettes.

Any case model can be ordered "as is" or with small modifications without extra charge.

We have models of cases for ProVariAZOT, Lava TubeZmaxVmaxTriton BBStalkerGGTSCaravela, Silver Dog, Sticker SvoёMesto. We can make a leather case for any mod.

If the total order is more than 60 €, you get a discount of 5%. The biffer the order - the bigger the discount!

You can order an existing model or develop your own model (please, provide a drawing then). Then we'll discuss the price. Development of a new model gives +30% to the price.

A worldwide shipping is always performed with tracking number.
Free shipping all over the world.
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V09 "Laced sleeve"
Soft leather handmade laced case for electronic cigarette. Original lace. For mods with a..
Based on 7 reviews.
V01 "Injun": Case with a flap
A handmade leather case for wearing on a belt. The flap allows to take the mod easily out of the ..
Based on 5 reviews.
V08 "Dragon"
A handmade leather case for ProVari and similar mods. The bottom is sewed in. Backside ke..
Based on 11 reviews.
V12 "Sleeve with a bottom"
  Handmade leather laced case for e-cigarette mode like Caravela. Feels good in han..
Based on 1 reviews.
V16 "Bandolier"
  Leather case for electronic cigarette to be worn on a belt. There are pockets for batt..
Based on 1 reviews.
V19 "Salamander": a pipe case
V19 is a convenient handmade genuine leather case for e-cigarettes of different types. It wil..
V20 "Half-pipe": a pipe case
V20 is a convenient handmade genuine leather case for e-cigarettes of different types. The di..
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